Polka Dot Dot Dot

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Olympia sweetheart-collective.
The band, comprised of Jordan O’Jordan (Jordan Smith),Twig Palace(Colleen Johnson), and Onyx of Olympia (Onyx Dixon), came together in New Zealand through an un-ironic series of events, culminating in a kind of love-in for playground archeologists seeking the truth at the bottom of music itself. Like the best rounds of jump-rope, like poetry syrup, their voices clicked fast, with sugar in the stirrups. Spindleheart with her sprightly soprano, Onyx and her jaunty sass, and Jordan with his tin-pan croon made kindred spirits in the forest of NZ, and were even known to lead processionals of show-goers down to the banks of local rivers for baptisms by harmony.


Spring of Alchemy and Amory
A Side
Up All Night
Left Alone

B Side
Tin Bees

On White and Pink splatter vinyl, Limited to 500 copies.
Includes immediate digital download in either High Quality mp3 or FLAC.

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"I have longed for a band like this without even realizing it. The beauty of a cappella harmonies is usually the realm of choirs and barbershop quartets, but Polka Dot Dot Dot bring fun and intelligence, with moments of absolutely beauty, to what some would call an old fashioned style of music... Polka Dot Dot Dot are a band you sure don’t see everyday. If only!"
- Auckland Live Music

"Polka Dot Dot Dot embodies one of the great rites of American adolescence: the sleepover, a hootenanny of silly goosery and warm friendships.
- Phoenix New Times

"Finally, something pretty damned amazing. If I was going to follow a band around the country right now, it would be Polka Dot Dot Dot."
- http://aunttempleton.blogspot.com/

"Jordan O' Jordan, Miss Spindleheart, and Onyx of Olympia are all Pacific Northwest musicians, but their band started oddly, in New Zealand in January... by the end of Polka Dot Dot Dot's first tour, the New Zealand equivalent of NPR had noticed it. Which stands to reason. The group is awesome."
- local cut

"The trio from the USA played a mesmerising set, complete with banjo, harp, guitar, and ukulele on the outdoors stage, and a few hours later they lead a musical parade to an intimate gig in a stream which was, from many accounts, a highlight of camp..."
- Salient


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