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Over the last 7 years, Lane Barrington has enlisted the help of a revolving cast of musicians in varying arrangements of The Ocean Floor.
Starting in Florida in 2001 as Lane's solo songwriting project, the band eventually swelled to 8 members, known as "The Ocean Floorchestra", which toured the southeast prior to Barrington's relocation to Portland, OR in 2006.
The current live performance is a duo composed of Barrington on guitar or piano, and Shannon Steele (Typhoon, Ah Holly Fam'ly) on violin.

Other recent Ocean Floor releases include, 2007's "Tall Tales & Small Tales" on Ryland Bouchard's (The Robot Ate Me) mostly limited edition hand-made label Swim Slowly, as well as 2008's split cassette with Tele v. Cheeseburger (Swim Slowly / Gone & Records).


pop quiz

Pop Quiz
Side A
1. What Kind?
2. What's The Dream?
3. Where Is The Tiny Wand?
4. Was I Caught?
5. What's On?
6. How Many Fingers?

Side B
1. Am I?
2. Will You?
3. Shouldn't I?
4. Who Needs A Cheerleader?
5. How Come?

On Moldavite colored vinyl!
Limited edition of 300 with Hand printed inserts, first 100 on handmade paper.

About Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz, the fourth full length album by Portland OR's "The Ocean Floor" attempts to alter the relationship between the artist and the listener, by not assuming that the person behind the microphone has all the answers.

There are seventy-five questions spread over the course of these 11 elaborately orchestrated songs. These questions are not intended so much to conjure up any specific ideas, but instead provoke the very idea of ownership over knowledge itself.

Musically the album connects disparate elements from the history of 20th century music in the most effective and substantial way of any Ocean Floor release yet.
Tiptoeing between scenes of intimate folk sing-alongs, gritty disco clubs, a futurist synthesizer funeral, and American weddings of the 1950's, the songs paint a landscape of the apparent universe, implying the holes within.

Jazz flute, ukelin, string bass, clarinet, violin and analog synths all lend a hand to create a dynamic, engaging and unique listening experience.

Pop Quiz manages to leave the listener with a joyous wonder for the incomprehensibility of what we call the universe, without the need for any kind of meta-narrative storyteller. It suggests we find contentedness within the uncertainties of life, rather than continuing the unending search for a definitive answer.

"...sounds eerily like the jazz soundtracks to "The Muppet Show" pouring into a pop that's density rivals Henry Cow... The Ocean Floor are writing symphonies by quotation... They're not simply rehashing psych-rock or folk; they have created a pop that's contemporary from history's plateaus."
- Skyscraper Magazine

“…a loot bag of bejeweled sounds and Barrington’s lyrical versions of a suburban magic-realism.
- Coke Machine Glow

"...a singular sort of jazzy, proggy orchestral folk with sophisticated arrangements and whimsical tales"

"This Portland band left me slack-jawed with surprise and delight. It's the perfect record for tramping around in your favorite old-growth forest, watching the ferns grow. Lane Barrington's springy good humor and light-as-a-twinkie vocals make me smile every time I hear them."
- April  Baer, Oregon Public Broadcasting