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If banjos were balloons, this might be the sound.It's the unrequited love of a zombie. It's the plunk of a banjo string pulled too tight. It's waking up from a dream where your mom is on a train with monks, staring at thousands of Stevie Nicks being rustled into cattle cars. It's an icicle melting when heat makes her hydrogen swoon.

Carbon Cycles

Carbon Cycles
A Side

1. Parade of Echoes I: We Came Together
2. Even in Death, We'll Still Be Apart
3. High Deserts of Oregon
4. No Princely Frog
5. Parade of Echoes II: Come Now, Come Now
6. Parade of Echoes III: Six Wooden Tablespoons

A Side
1.Parade of Echoes IV: Fingers Sprouting Feathers
2. Little Finger
3. Discovery Park
4. Parade of Echoes V: I Took A Spoon From Your House
5. A Chicken's Lullabye
5. You're On the Phone

Limited Edition of 500 on frosted blue vinyl.
Includes digital download in high quality Mp3.


"Everyone from Woody Guthrie and Tiny Tim to Devendra Banhart and Raffi share space in Jordans mind, making for an album that effortlessly juggles humor, drama, sharp wit and lyrical poetry into an assemblage of short stories that demand repeat listens for their full emotional impact. "

Kevin Elliott - ColumbusAlive

"... he strings together clever couplets that are at once humorous and poignant while accompanying himself on banjo... Ultimately, though it is his unique delivery and wordplay that makes for an overwhelmingly charming record."

-Steven Slaybaugh, Big Takeover

"Jordan O’ Jordan has taken various strains of the folk idiom and mixed them together with a modern taste for irony to create a new, refreshing and challenging presentation..."

By Malini Sridharan, Dusted Magazine