Firs of Prey

Firs Of Prey basks in the glow of a West Coast sunray—odd, given the dichotomy of sunshine-y folk-pop harmonies being augmented by a falsetto that Nick Drake might gush over. Firs of Prey’s minimalist approach takes on the form of a Beach Boys arpeggio and flattening it with the drone of a grumpy organ or a gramophone, a compliment that, as vinyl buffs can attest, means something warm and raw and great.


Keep The Lions Asleep EP
A Side

1.To Where We Drift
2. Naked Existence
3. November
4. Sooner Than Later
5. The Dawn Paints Me Grey

B Side
Hand Etched

Limited to 500 copies.
Includes digital download in high quality Mp3.


firs of prey
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